Vivien Novak


Clear, precise, direct, persistent, consistent, brilliant. These are the words I would use to describe Vivien’s guidance. There is a freedom that comes with realizing truth of who we are, and Vivien is masterful at guiding one to that truth.

After her skilled guidance, I felt a release for the need for constant self-improvement, the impulse to constantly look toward the future for something “better”; a better me, better circumstances, better job performance, better relationships… I didn’t realize it at the time, but this fantasy of something and someone better, which was always “over there”, was very stressful! I feel much less attachment to this way of thinking, and much less attachment to my thoughts in general. This has led to a more peaceful experience with not only thoughts that arise, but also my emotions. There is more of a curiosity and openness; a sense of acceptance of exactly what is exactly the way it is.

I have a deep gratitude for Vivien in leading the way for me and changing my life in such a simple, brilliant, clear and direct way.

Jenny Dees
Virginia, USA

Having gone through this inquiry has been the most liberating and spiritually meaningful thing in my life. With the help of Vivien’s dedicated and no-nonsense guidance a new world of acceptance and freedom has opened up in which there is just pure, direct living. It’s right in front of your nose, all you have to do is look!


I consider myself truly fortunate for having Vivien guide me through the “Gateless Gate”. I find Vivien’s guiding to be highly effective, straightforward and to the point. Her depth of seeing, and experience in guiding many people through the gate puts her in a unique position to immediately realize where her clients are stuck, and her pointers are often delivered with surgical precision. For people who appreciate clear and effective guidance, I know no better choice than Vivien.

I devoted most of my life to accumulating knowledge with the intent of finding out what is real, what is true, and the meaning of my apparent existence. My many years of searching have been futile; I used the wrong set of tools and was blindly stumbling in the dark. With Vivien’s guidance, the realization was indeed shocking, it felt like a cosmic joke has been unveiled, the most (if not the only) important thing there is to realize, and yet, at the same time, perhaps the simplest and most obvious truth to see. Wouldn’t you want to know without a shadow of a doubt?

Each person will have a unique realization, but for me the compulsive search has ended, the heaviness and urgent gravity of life has been replaced with a sense of flow and acceptance, thoughts and emotions are experienced but don’t take over, and the simplest things can reveal their beauty once again.

Ron Edgar
New York, USA

Vivien was a great guide to me, firm but gentle. There is a big wisdom in her, how she guides you through your own shadows, blocks and blind spots. She was like a candle light, always when I thought I can’t see, I don’t know which direction to go, she was there, to light my way, to take the next step. I judge her also very patient and warm-hearted, I could trust her from the beginning.


Having Vivien as a guide was an absolute dream. Her patience combined with her direct no BS approach was the perfect combination for truth realization.

Having spent years seeking via reading spiritual books, taking spiritual courses, watching spiritual videos, meditating, finding Vivien and her guiding was an absolute life changer.

Before finding Vivien I was an intense seeker, now I simply dwell in being here and now. It’s truly beautiful.

Before, emotions would always linger around for a long time, especially the unpleasant ones. Now, they are simply seen and pass by like clouds. It’s been so liberating to realize the illusion of self.

Thank You, Vivien! You are incredible.

Jared Garza
Mississippi, USA

Going through the inquiry process with Vivien’s guidance was intense, illuminating, and fundamentally changed my perspective on myself and the world, letting life and light shine through in the end. She’s a patient guide who was very creative, sensitive, and also relentless in keeping me honest over many weeks of daily inquiries! I’m so grateful for her generous and committed help on this path. Vivien totally blew my mind :)

Dylan T
California, USA

When I found Vivien I was thrilled, I felt like the end of seeking was in sight. She came through with such crystal clarity, which did not seem to be muddled with any “self” or agenda in there. I am thrilled she was willing to guide me.

She dances with the inquiry/guiding with total clarity and precision. She was the gentle vajra master I was looking for. Vivien pointed out areas of confusion or assumption of which I was not aware. Emotions and feelings were broken down and ultimately seen through with her diligent pointing from several different angles.

With the help of Vivien’s guiding the façade of false perceptions, of false notions of a separate solid self began dissolving. And what was and is left then is the fresh empty aliveness that was here the whole time… this true Self discovering Itself becomes the cause of great fun, celebration and laughter. If you have found yourself able to work with Vivien, I would say that is an auspicious thing indeed!

Lauren Wilson
Florida, USA

Vivien was a thoughtful, thorough, and insightful guide for me during a particularly challenging phase in my life. With the tools she taught me (and the care she expressed in the way she taught them), I was able to gain a new level of freedom, acceptance, and stability in regard to the emotional storms I was navigating, and came out the other side having grown considerably, both emotionally and spiritually.

Riley H
Portland, Oregon, USA

A year ago, by the recommendation of a friend, I found Vivien. Upon her guidance, with simple pointings and very direct questions it took around 3 weeks to start looking and not thinking and just to see the simple fact of reality that there never was a me, a Luchana, some separate entity with life and goals. What a great joke! This subtle realization came so suddenly that I just couldn’t stop laughing for days.

Vivien kept me alert and help me focus on the inquiry, until actually nothing more was left, but just looking. Her seeing is so clear and direct that it was almost impossible for me not to see.

After couple of months or almost a year, when the seeing started to settle down, I asked Viven to be my mentor when I started to make the first steps as a guide. And she is absolutely amazing not only as a guide, but as a mentor as well. Her pointing and questions put a light in every dark corner and wash away any doubts when such arise. Life is being lived freely, much more lightly, so much joyfully. I feel immense gratitude towards Vivien, towards life itself and I just accept this gift as an absolute miracle.

Luchana Uzunova
Sofia, Bulgaria

Vivien is a brilliant guide, not only instantly spotting the blocks to clear seeing in what was written, but also in what was not, prompting her to put another very pertinent set of questions to me. Thus leading to the seeing of no-self very quickly. It is early days for “Peter” but deep changes are already apparent in ways I could not have foreseen prior to the seeing. I am very grateful for her guidance.

Peter K
United Kingdom

I love images as they always seem to contain more than the words can. When I got in contact with Vivien, I was on a very stormy sea, tossed and blown about by beliefs, teachings, thoughts… and there, in the distance, was this bright lighthouse, turning and flashing a light to me. Steady, calm, persistent… all the while allowing me all the freedom to find my way to shore or not. That was Vivien.

I could not see that it was the beliefs, teachings, thoughts that were the stormy weather and sea and that there was no boat, no “one” lost at sea. This guiding that Vivien did was tantamount to teaching the blind that they are blind. Made all the more paradoxical by the discipline of seeing… looking. Amazing and simple all at the same time.

Looking showed me that there’s no one here making decisions. This intense looking inside for that “someone” who decides found no one there. One minute this body does one thing and the next moment it does something else but the looking did not show any “one” there doing the change. So who is this “I” that is talked about?

Probably the most intense understanding came from how much I used beliefs as knowledge. I walked and talked about things like I had actually looked and lived it. Living in the mind is a tangled web of self-deception if it is not looked at. And how I resisted what I was seeing because it did not match up with these untested beliefs!

I cannot recommend Vivien’s help and guidance enough. Those gentle shakes on the shoulder to wake “me” from slumber was epic.

Aggie Mitchkoski
Massachusetts, USA

I was very fortunate to have Vivien as my guide in the process of recognising no self. Her deep experience and firm insightful questioning soon found where “I” was stuck. She then provided exactly the right pointers and materials to get me unstuck. Once this is seen, it cannot be unseen and I now see things very differently than before and will be eternally grateful to Vivien for her skill in guiding me to that seeing.

Ian McBain

Last year I had the good fortune to be guided by Vivien in the area of non-duality. Through her very patient and committed approach, she helped me gain insights along the path that I had been seeking to understand for years. I am hugely grateful to her for pointing me towards really “seeing” these truths in a profound and lasting way. In the best of ways… I’ll never be quite the same again. Thank you Vivien.

Christopher Lentge
United Kingdom

I was fortunate enough to have had Vivien guide me to seeing the truth. Her clarity, insistence and purpose kept me on track and focused, to the point that the truth was known.

Since then the manner in which I experience life has radically transformed. The shift has provided something akin to a more objective perspective when confronted with the natural movement of emotion. A feeling of lightening and space is apparent.

Thank you so much for holding my hand and walking me through this tentative time.

Dion Ward
New Zealand

Since working with Vivien and seeing through the illusion of separate self, I’m more open to life, accepting everything as it is with no resistance at all. I’m more at peace with no fear at what’s coming next. She is very patient, clear and concise in her guiding and will not give up on you till you get it right and she is sure that you have seen through the illusion. Thank you!


Vivien is a wonderful guide. She is very direct and dedicated to assisting those who want to awaken. Through working with her, I went through a big shift of perception in a very short time. I cannot thank her enough really. I enjoyed our daily exercises and interaction. It really helped to keep the focus. I was almost sad when it was over as I really enjoyed the rapid discoveries made through her guidance.

Jazzalina Garcia
United Kingdom

Vivien’s precise and personalised guidance was of tremendous value to me when I worked with her. While the task of seeing through the illusion of a separate self can be challenging at times, Vivien’s solid, insightful approach to guiding made it possible for me to muster the determination to succeed with the work.

Dave G
London, United Kingdom
The ‘me' is born and dies with each and every thought in each and every moment.